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10 books to learn much more about coffee

In the absence of first-hand information, if you don't know someone who works in the world of coffee, there is no better way than to dive in and explore it through books. Thinking about it, we propose a list of ten books that we find very interesting and illustrate very well everything that surrounds it.

libros de café

NOTE: We have arranged the books in ascending order by year of publication, not because we consider one to be more complete or better than the next.

(2003) Stewart Lee Allen writes a detailed geographical, historical, anthropological and cultural journey that spans four continents and thanks to which we understand why coffee has been the driving force behind civilization.

(2005) It is one of the most fundamental books in coffee literature. This compendium, written by renowned specialists, comprehensively covers topics such as agronomy, green coffee processing, roast / ground, packaging, percolating, and decaffeination techniques. Provides a comprehensive resource for those interested in the fundamentals of coffee quality.

(2007) Fair trade is a fast-growing alternative market aimed at providing better prices and greater social justice to small farmers around the world. But what does a fair trade label mean? This study of coffee growers in Mexico offers the first comprehensive investigation of the social, economic and environmental benefits of fair trade.

(2010) Scott Rao's second book covers all the major non-espresso ways of making coffee. Divided into three parts, it clearly explains how to do the coffee extraction, the extraction measurement and how to manipulate the flavor by changing the brewing parameters. It also discusses how to optimize various brewing methods and lastly, proper water chemistry and optimal grain storage.

(2010) Café de las Nubes, written by Karissa Becerra Biaggioni, in a luxury edition and made with recycled paper, deals with the history of coffee in the world and its arrival in Peru, and takes us to know the history of the different communities of that country that are dedicated to the cultivation of coffee.

(2012) This book, by James Freeman, one of the most famous roasters and founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, explains how to choose, prepare and enjoy the next generation of artisan coffees at home, along with 40 ingenious recipes that incorporate coffee.

(2014) The Coffee Roaster's Companion is the world's first professional-level instructional book on coffee roasting. Scott Rao has been a roaster for over two decades and has consulted with hundreds of the world's best roasters, using more than 250 roasting machines in his career. No serious coffee roaster should be without this book.

(2014) James Hoffman, renowned world champion barista, offers a comprehensive guide for both professionals and novices with general descriptions of the coffee producing regions to tutorials on how to do the different preparation modalities step by step.

(2016) Sabrina Cuculiansky, a journalist specializing in gastronomy and creator of the “Exigí Buen Café” fair in Argentina, invites you to learn about the history and production process of the grain that has revolutionized the world. She also brings together the latest gourmet trends, travels the best places in the world to drink coffee and tells the secrets to recognize it and prepare it at home.

(2018) Coffee Covered: A Photographic Journey of Coffee From Farm to Cup is a book about coffee, from its humble origins as a bean to the moment it ends up being strained into your cup. From the moment it is harvested to the moment it is consumed, dozens of processes have been carried out by people of diverse cultural and ethnic origins and socioeconomic status. This book is a tribute to the world's most popular beverage and the process and the people who make it possible.


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