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Conditions of purchase and returns

Purchase conditions

As we indicated in the Select Coffee section, the harvest of our Castillo and Geisha varieties grown in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta only happens once a year. We work hard at all stages to obtain our coffee, since we know that its freshness and quality is very important to you, our customers. That is why when we have proceeded to dispatch the coffee to a customer and for whatever reason it is returned to us, we must not and cannot offer / sell it again.


We make all our shipments through courier companies such as DHL, UPS, NACEX, TNT and through CORREOS (Spanish Post).

SHIPPING RATES range from € 5.55 depending on the destination and weight of the order.

1. These conditions will apply to shipments contracted in the absence of agreements or specific conditions derived from the uniqueness of each product or service.


2. The data on the destination of the order and for the recipient, are provided by the latter and under their responsibility, not being checked by the transport agency, except for serious imminent risk or order from the authority.


3. The provision of services will take place from Monday to Friday. In the temporal calculation, holidays are excluded in the destination town.


4. In the event of non-compliance with the contractually agreed delivery period, the compensation to be paid will consist of the return of the postage paid by the customer. Non-compliance with the delivery period will not be considered those caused by the absence of the recipient, change of address or unknown address, late deliveries in a second delivery attempt, force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances or others not attributable to the transport agency. In the event that the order is rejected by the recipient or the recipient is absent, Café Porte does not assume any responsibility and reserves the right to refund the customer 100% of the order value.


5. The delivery of the order will be made at the address indicated by the recipient, except for repeated absence thereof, in which case, it will be made at the recipient's closest headquarters. In the absence of the recipient, notice of the delivery attempt will be left, as well as the way to agree on it.


6. The signature of the recipient's order will be a necessary requirement to proceed with the delivery of the merchandise. In case of refusal of the addressee to sign the request of the agency will be exempted from all responsibility.


7. The deadlines for making a claim for damage to the merchandise will be 24 hours from delivery if the damage is not externally appreciable.



However, we understand that certain situations may arise that are impossible for the customer to control, so we do accept to make returns in the following two cases:


  • Wrong order from us.

  • Due to a failure of the transport company, the customer does not receive his order or receives it in poor condition.

Our main concern is the complete satisfaction of our customers and therefore we strive to deliver a product in perfect condition.

Upon receiving the order, it must be inspected immediately to verify that everything is correct, always before opening and consuming the products. If you have received an incorrect order, or the products are found to be damaged or faulty, we first of all ask that you please accept our apologies. It is not something that happens frequently, but still, we will try to solve this problem as soon as possible with you.


To receive a refund or replacement of products, you must return the order in the same condition in which you received it and, within a period of no more than 30 days after it was delivered.


To return the order, you will have to contact us, by e-mail ( ), providing the order number, the product to be returned and the reason why this return is made. Based on the facts, we will confirm whether or not we can proceed and the address to which you will have to send the order in question. We ask you to pack the product safely (preferably in the same box in which it was received) and include within the package the order number, name, full address and send us via whatsapp, a photograph of the receipt or proof of shipment when it has been shipped.


Any product sent back is the responsibility of the user until it reaches our warehouse. Therefore, make sure that you return the product using a secure shipping method.


If you are not satisfied or satisfied with the method we have applied to manage the return or replacement of any product, please accept our apologies. We will do our best not to repeat those circumstances.

We will be happy to seek alternative solutions to resolve any incident. To do this, do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns in the following cases:


  • If the customer, once the merchandise has been dispatched and it is in good condition, decides, whatever the reason, to cancel the order.

  • Due to the absence of the client at the time of delivery of the package. Depending on the transport company, the package is returned to us in case of non-delivery. The transport company will call the customer or notify him via SMS to specify a specific time. Café Porte is not responsible if the company cannot contact the customer.

  • Other cases in which both Café Porte and the transport company are responsible.

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