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Porte Coffee

Special Kits
Porte Specialty Coffee

We had been thinking for a long time what to offer our customers so that they could make unique and special gifts. Although there are many offers on the market, the vast majority include the same elements as always, such as a grinder or a coffee maker, but we wanted something different, but at the same time closely related to the world of coffee and who consumes it.


And so, after researching for several months different projects related to the world of coffee, we discovered one that particularly caught our attention given the novelty of its production approach and the quality of its designs; KAFFEEFORM is the name of the ecological design project developed by Julian Lechner in Berlin (Germany) that uses the remains of the coffee that we drink every day as raw material.

The product range includes 3 varieties of cups that vary according to size, as well as the award-winning Weducer, a mug that allows us to take our coffee wherever we want.

All mugs and cups are exceptionally durable, meaning they are NOT single use, they are very light and have a mild coffee aroma.

Kaffeeform is the perfect example of optimal product development from sustainable materials and how to give new life into what is considered waste.

Taking into account that:

P = Porte (Castillo Variety 250gr)

KW = Kaffeeform Weduce

KC = Kaffeeform Cappuccino


we offer you the following kits:

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1P + 1KW

PVP: 25€


2P + 1KW

PVP: 32€



1P + 1KC

PVP: 28€


2P + 1KC

PVP: 36€


shipping costs not included in the prices indicated

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Depending on the number of orders we receive, we will have to contact the factory in Germany, so we may need an extra couple of days to make deliveries or shipments.

If you are already clear that you want to give away one of our kits, make your reservation right now to give yourself priority in our deliveries.

The delivery time for Special Kits is approximately 5 business days.

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We transform renewable resources destined to be thrown away into beautiful and functional everyday objects

How are our 
Special Kits?

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1 POSTCARD 10 x 15 cm

Each kit comes in a self-assembling cardboard box (no sealing required) with a double layer of cardboard that perfectly adjusts to the dimensions of our products and protects them from possible blows.

In addition to the coffee from our Castillo variety of single origin (either 1 or 2 containers of 250gr) and the selected product from KAFFEEFORM, we will include a fully customizable 10 x 15cm postcard, both in the front photo and in the text on the back. , in case you want to make a dedication.

Don't think twice and book your Special Porte Kits, your Colombian Specialty Coffee right now and surprise whoever you want with a unique and very exclusive gift.

Enjoy Porte, the best Colombian Specialty coffee in Spain!

If you want more information or you can think of other combination options, do not hesitate to write to us at and we will see together how to adjust to your ideas.

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