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Eco friendly

The traceability of each batch

allows us to know the history of coffee or the different factors that influenced its development, guarantee our clients that in each package they will receive the best of each harvest, at the same time that coffee growers receive a fair price for their hard work.

Our Traceability

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Freshly roasted, the grains are packed in containers  eco-friendly that guarantee its optimal conservation for a minimum period

of a year and a half.

Joining several collective and even individual initiatives of people from our family and our close circle of friends, we wanted to contribute for the care of the environment and for the health of our clients and consumers.


For this reason, it took us time to find a supplier that would be in charge of manufacturing BPA (Bisphenol)-free packaging in order to offer an environmentally friendly product, also called eco-friendly and harmless to everyone's health.

For more information about our packaging, visit our blog

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BPA free packaging

trilaminate bags
BPA free
optimal conservation
of the product
(year and a half)
odor disruption
ENVASE RETOCADO - fondo blanco web cafe porte dimensionado.jpg
oxygen barrier
(degassing valve)
total tightness
moisture prevention
heat sterilization
Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a Specialty Coffee
in your cup!
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