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How to make mint iced coffee

Now that summer begins, we bring you a new recipe based on coffee and mint syrup to cool off easily and quickly.

For the more purist, the idea of mixing coffee and mint may be a bit peculiar. I have to confess that I was quite skeptical about the idea when I learned about the recipe, but if I have learned something with coffee, it is that nothing should be taken for granted, so we decided to try it. The best thing is that its preparation is quite simple since it consists of two simple steps.

couple of glasses with mint iced coffee


In 5 simple steps using 2-3 cups of coffee, 1 cup of milk, 1 or 2 teaspoons of vanilla syrup and if you want a scoop of vanilla ice cream, you will have a delicious Iced Coffee at home. We invite you to see our post in which we explain in more detail how to make a delicious iced coffee.


The syrup or homemade mint syrup in this recipe provides two important things: sweetness and flavor.

Like any syrup, we add sugar and water in equal parts to a pot. Add the mint leaves and place the pot over medium heat, stirring continuously until the sugar dissolves.

Once the sugar is dissolved, let it simmer for a minute, taking care not to burn it. After that, we cover the pot (or whatever container we used) and let the leaves soak in the syrup for about an hour. After that time, strain the syrup by removing the leaves and let it cool before using it.


Once the syrup is cold enough, the rest is simply combining the ingredients: we add ice to a glass, we serve the iced coffee, the milk and the mint syrup. We stir gently until it is well mixed and finally, we decorate with a fresh mint leaf and we already have our iced coffee with mint!


  • Usually, a syrup kept in the fridge should last at least a month (and possibly a little longer, but being cautious we say a month). It is essential that it does not lose its translucent appearance. If it starts to look a bit dull, it's time to throw it out and make a new one.

  • Can it also be made with hot coffee? Well, to be honest I haven't tried it. If someone is encouraged, we hope they send us a little message commenting on the experience ;)

  • Can any ingredient be changed? Yes, we assume that for the syrup you can use brown sugar instead of refined sugar. Even some syrup, such as agave, but we discourage the use of panela, for example, as it noticeably changes the flavor.


As always, each recipe has versions and in the following video produced by Bean and Banana, we show you one of the many that have been created from the mixture of coffee and mint.

This version is much simpler. To begin with, a mint syrup is not made, but the mint leaves are directly mixed with sugar. And on the other hand, an iced coffee is not used, but rather it is served directly over previously prepared coffee and cooled with ice. We do not dare to assess which of the two options (or of all those that exist) is the best. That is to everyone's taste ;)


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