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How to easily prepare Dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee is a cold milk drink that comes with a velvety smooth coffee foam on top. And the best thing is that it can be done without special machines; all you need is some arm muscle and patience.

preparacion cafe dalgona coffee how to make it

Dalgona coffee is the latest great trend in Korea, a country that has recently been experiencing a large increase in coffee consumption.

Now, why is it called Café Dalgona? The sweet and sour taste of the coffee foam is very similar to that of Dalgona (remember that Dalgona refers to a very popular toffee candy in South Korea, especially in street food stalls), and the color too, hence name.

How to prepare it

Let's see step by step how Dalgona coffee is prepared, for 1 - 2 people.


In a large mixing bowl, add the coffee, sugar, and HOT water in a 1: 1: 1 ratio.


First, mix the coffee, sugar, and water until everything melts. Thereafter, you start beating manually for about 3 minutes.


If manual mixing is not our thing, an electric one can be used, but it is important that at the beginning the lowest speed is used, until all the coffee and sugar are dissolved. Then a higher speed can be used and mixed for 1 min 30 seconds or until stiff peaks form.

Note: if you use a hand mixer it will probably take a little longer as it does not have the same power. Set aside.


Fill 2/3 of a cup with cold milk and add a little ice.


Pour the foam that we have previously beaten and add it to the top of the cup. You can sprinkle the top with a little powdered hot chocolate or cinnamon. It is then mixed with a spoon to enjoy it as a latte or just as is while you get some milk and froth in one sip. And that's it!! To enjoy!!!

Frequently asked questions about how to make Dalgona coffee

Does the coffee have to be in some particular shape?

No, you can make it with filter drip coffee, French press, or Italian mocha.

Can I reduce the amount of sugar?

Yes. It can be made with half the amount of sugar indicated, but you will only get a soft peak foam and the color will be darker. But it does work.

Do I need a special tool like a milk frother, hand mixer or stand mixer?

No. You can do this entirely by hand, but you will need a good round beater and a large bowl to allow more air in. And time to get the desired foam, but a hand mixer or a stand mixer will make your life easier and faster. By the way, we tried to do a test with the milk frother and I have to say that it did not work.

Can I make a latte hot instead of cold?

Of course! This very morning I heated up some milk and then covered it with some leftover foam from yesterday and it was delicious!

Can I refrigerate the Dalgona foam?

Yes. It will keep for a couple of days, but it will probably start to get runny afterwards.

My foam is not forming the stiff peak, should I whip longer?

Yes and no. Making the froth with drip coffee (not instant) took about 3 times longer in the mixer, so sometimes making it longer helps, but if you don't see any change in a minute of blending, there is probably something wrong.

We leave you the following video done by The Cooking Foodie who makes a version of Dalgona using instant coffee in which he shows us how simple it is to prepare.


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