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Which coffee has the most caffeine? A short one or a long one? One alone or one with milk?

For many, including us, coffee is essential to get going. Although if we are honest, we also take it mid-morning and after lunch ... and on some days, if not all, also in the afternoon.

But if the goal, beyond the pleasure of drinking a specialty coffee, is to be more active, which is the one with the most caffeine? Initially we might think that "the strongest", but we will see that there are several factors that really influence the amount of caffeine we are ingesting.

The level or amount of caffeine depends mainly on 4 factors:

  • the amount of coffee

  • the type or variety of coffee

  • extraction time

  • roasting degree

Of course, the more coffee in grams, the more caffeine. And if we prepare a Robusta variety instead of Arabica, too. But what is really important, what will determine the amount of caffeine, is the time that the water is in contact with the ground coffee and carries the caffeine.

The roasting degree, besides that it affects the color of the beans, the flavor, the aromas and the body of the infusion, also influences the final components of the coffee; that is, a lighter roast (also called Blonde) contains slightly more caffeine than a much darker one.

That is, a short single coffee (in Italy called Ristretto) will have less caffeine than for example a coffee with milk, with the same amount of ground coffee, but in which we leave the water going through the coffee for longer.

So if the question is whether we ingest more caffeine by drinking an espresso or a filter coffee, the answer is clear: we add about 60gr for a liter (4 cups) in the filter coffee maker, while for an espresso an average of 10gr.

Whatever your goal of drinking coffee, make sure it is from great quality, natural and medium roast. Enjoy responsibly, knowing that a consumption of more than 4-5 cups a day is not recommended.


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