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Updated 23 Sept. 2021 - Geisha Coffee New World Record

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

If last year, the Geisha variety registered a new world record, reaching a price of US $ 1,300.50 per pound, this time, it reached a price of US $ 2,568 per pound in the electronic auction of the "Mejor Café de Panama" (Best Coffee of Panama ) carried out on September 22.

Last year, Willem J. Boot and Helen Russell's “Olympus Geisha Washed” lot from Finca Sophia achieved what was the best price in history, ranking Panama as the country in the world with the most expensive coffee. On this occasion, it was José Manuel Gallardo's Nuguo Fermented batch, with 100 pounds of Geisha coffee in a natural process, sold to the Japanese company Saza Coffee.

In this edition, 18 lots of natural Geisha coffee, 18 lots of washed Geisha coffee and 14 lots of coffee of traditional varieties, such as Bourbon, Tipica, Catuai among others, in natural and washed processes were auctioned.

The second best price achieved in the electronic auction was $ 1,502 per pound, with the 100-pound lot of Geisha Avalanche of Flavors, by Itza Priscila Sittón Vega de Amar, a Geisha variety coffee in a washed process. And the batch that achieved the third best price was Teodoro Garrido's Mama Cata Mokkita Natural, coffee in a natural variety, priced at $ 400 per pound. It should be noted that this result is also very relevant and marks a historic milestone in non-Geisha variety coffees.

All the owners of the lots mentioned being excited by the results and stressed that despite the pandemic and the global economic crisis, it is a triumph for the country that continues to place it at the top of specialty coffee. The Geisha variety continues to be the star of the world's specialty coffee for its impressive floral and fruity flavors and scents.

From Café Porte we want to congratulate these families for their great dedication, effort and continuous commitment to bring the Geisha variety to the top of Specialty Coffee and we hope to see the results of the magnificent Geisha coffee grown in Colombia soon in international auctions.


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