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The 10 professions with the highest coffee consumption at work

Scientists, lab technicians, and marketing and relationship professionals public are the workers who according to a study consume more coffee. We know what is this about?

Fortunately, in recent years, coffee consumption habits in offices are evolving and more and more companies are implementing a OCS service (Office Coffee Service) and thus be able to offer its employees quality coffee.

¿What is the most consumed way of preparing coffee at work?

We could adapt the saying tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are in "Tell me in what you work for and I'll tell you what kind of coffee you drink" and the fact is that a study carried out by Dunkin Donuts together with the Career Building employment portal on the occasion of the "National Coffee Day" provides us with some very striking results on the professions of the nearly 10,000 people who were surveyed and the type of coffee they consume.

The report indicates that the majority of those surveyed preferred to drink coffee in a cup, ahead of glasses or mugs, with espresso being the form of preparation chosen by the majority. In the same way, a large number of consumers take it with sugar or sweetener, being those who take it without the great minority.

Another curious fact related to coffee consumption is that 85% of professionals stated that they drank up to 3 cups of coffee a day. Many recognized a certain level of dependency when considering that their work performance would be affected if they didn't take it. And finally, although we might think otherwise, women drink 5% less coffee than men. Focusing on the data obtained in Spain, 53% state that they ask for coffee with milk, 24.7% "cut" or spotted (with a drop of milk) and 22.5% black coffee or espresso.

Of course, Spanish workers who drink coffee in the office usually accompany it of some type of food such as cookies, cereals or pastries.

The most common time for the coffee break is in the morning, always outside of breakfast time, although there is another part that prefers it after eat. Regardless of the type of coffee chosen, what does not change is the time used to consume it and it is that the average is 19.3 minutes so it is clear which is considered as a moment of social interaction.

Other interesting facts extracted from this survey:

  • Most workers admit to drinking coffee to cheer themselves up.

  • 40% say they are less productive when they do not drink coffee.

  • Younger workers need more than one coffee each working day.

  • 40% of those surveyed between 18 and 24 years old admit not concentrating without coffee.

  • 37% drink two or more cups of coffee during their working hours.

  • 75% of the participants would only travel up to 400 meters from the office to buy their coffee.

What are the professions with the highest consumption of coffee at work?

We would think that the people who consume the most coffee at work are those with night shifts, such as security guards or staff sanitary. However, a study carried out by the UK company Pressat It gives us other professions that can surprise.

The 10 professions that consume the most coffee are:

  1. Scientist/Lab Technician

  2. Marketing/Public Relations

  3. Professional Personnel in management of administrative, financial and support systems.

  4. Editor/Writer

  5. Health care administrator

  6. Doctor

  7. Food preparer

  8. Professor

  9. Social worker

  10. Financial Professional

Deep down, all these professions share several characteristics that make them caffeine consumption as an ally when it comes to being able to fulfill work: long irregular days, with delivery dates that generate stress, physical effort and mind, among others.

And since you are going to consume large amounts of coffee, nothing better than choosing Porte and thus be sure that you are drinking a coffee of specialty :)

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