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Refillable capsules ... yes or no?

Taking into account the market trend, it was a simple matter of time before refillable capsules, also called reusable ones, became an almost indispensable accessory in the world of coffee. But do they work just as well as the brand name capsules we all know?

If we rely, for example, on the ranking of online queries for refillable or reusable capsules, we see that searches are clearly increasing.

Several of our clients have asked us about the advisability of using this type of capsule and we have to say that all the tests that we have carried out, and that our clients have also done, are not satisfactory at all.

Regardless of the brand of the capsules, unfortunately we have not been able to make a proper coffee.

The main problem that we find is that of the compaction or compression of the coffee inside the capsule. Using the accessories that are provided by the various capsule vendors, we certainly cannot. We use our own accessories, but it does not make sense to do so since the manufacturer of the capsules should provide all the necessary kit.

On average, a little more than 6gr per capsule is used, so a 250 gram package would give about 40 refills compared to the almost 30 cups that we could obtain preparing coffee with other coffee makers, but always with the limitation of not being able to add more coffee, assuming we like it more "loaded".

If you decide to give it a try and try it, we recommend you buy coffee beans and of course, a select coffee, a quality coffee. In this way, you decide and you can adjust the thickness of the grind that best suits the capsule you have bought.

In conclusion, refillable capsules can be a good option for brewing coffee, but they still need a little time to develop ones that work in perfect condition. Then, each one will decide if it is convenient or interesting for them to make their coffee in one way or another. What we are clear about is that we continue to prefer the classic methods of manual preparation, in order to be able to actively participate in the process.


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